Change of Pace

I met up with a friend of mine at the Smootie King in Seoul Station.

Side note: I had never heard of Smoothie King until I moved to Seoul. I thought that they were a Korean chain until I mentioned it while I was working at SEV and one of my coworkers informed me that Smoothie King was indeed an American chain.

So, the point of this particular blog is that I met with my friend Shauna at 11:30am at the Smoothie King in Seoul Station and since we’ve seen each other three times in the last three months, we had lots to catch up on. By the time we finished our conversation, it was 5pm. I vaguely noticed that there was a steady changing of the various customers at the Smoothie King while we were there, but I really don’t use Korean customers to gauge how long I’ve been sitting down. Unlike Europeans and North Americans, Koreans stay at cafes or tea houses or drink places for twenty minutes or so. So it’s really hard to keep track of how long I’ve actually been somewhere.

But regardless, it’s just fun and very relaxing to sit down with a nice drink on a beautiful day and catch up with a friend, instead of stressing about work or other things.


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