It’s Okay We’re On Korean Time

You’ve probably heard the joke about what is time and more specifically what does 1pm mean? To a German, 1pm is 1pm. To an American, 1pm means 12:50. To a Frenchman, 1pm means 2pm. To an Italian, 1pm means 3pm. To a Brit, 1pm means 1:10. And to a Korean, 1pm means whatever time you show up.

Yesterday, one of the teachers at my school who is in charge the school newsletter was in a rush to get a picture of me and to write a brief article about me to put into the newsletter that’s mainly for the school’s parents to show them how much Singa Elementary cares about their children’s education and enrichment. So my supervisor had a file of my passport photo and a very brief summary of my resume, which she gave to the teacher. The newsletter came out today. I’ve been teaching at Singa for a little over 3 months. There’s six weeks until the end of the semester and only 5 actual teaching weeks left. That’s Korea for you.

So for the few parents that hadn’t heard about the crazy kyopo English teacher, that makes all the kids sit nicely in their desks and raise their hands if they want to speak, now they know that I’m Kyopo. So I’m kinda waiting to hear if any parents complain that I’m not white or blond or blue-eyed.

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