It’s interesting, if you go to a Korean restaurant in the States or Europe, there’s  ALOT more meat and vegetables than if you go to one here in Korea. So pretty much since I’ve arrived, I feel that I’m protein-deprived, that I’m not getting the amount of protein that I need or that I’m used to. So I’ve been going to Mercado’s where for 25,000 KRW or about $20 USD you can get all the delicious steak that you want.

When you first sit down, you are given all these lovely salads, that are refilled when the dishes start to get low. Usually you get mashed potatoes, salad with a vinegerette, non-spicy pico de gallo, chili sauce, pickles, and rice.

Salad side dishes

Salad side dishes

And then they ask you how do you like your steak, of course, I always say medium rare. After they bring you your first steak, they bring meat (garlic steak, steak wrapped in bacon, garlic duck, duck heart, roast beef, etc.) that’s been cooked on a spit and ask you if you want some. Some days, they have chicken in addition to the enormous amounts of beef and the other days they have duck. Tonight, they had duck and seriously I don’t think that I need to eat until lunch tomorrow. 🙂

Serving meat at Mercado's

Serving meat at Mercado's


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