Happy Birthday to the Church

Today, is the celebration of the Pentecost, when the Disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit and began their ministries to share the Word of the Lord to everyone and anyone who was open to their testimonies.

Myeong Dong Catholic Cathedral

Myeong Dong Catholic Cathedral

And certainly as important to me, it is the birth of the Catholic Church, and what would eventually become the Latin Rite.

Today, we had a guest celebrant, Fr. Liam O’Keeffe, a Missionary from the Columban Society, in his homily today, he talked about Pentecost and about Faith. Faith is a difficult thing. But the most important point to remember that it is a freely given gift from God. It is from Faith that we know of and know God and experience God. And through Faith, we are given gifts, it may be hard to know what exactly they are, but they’re there and don’t give up.


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