District H

The Houston Chronicle on-line there was an article about District H. I actually did not know that District H existed, especially in Houston and that the DOJ had a hand in creating it. A couple of things that jumped to mind as I read the article:

  • How ridiculous that a district like District H still exists in the United States.
  • And if a District H exists to ensure that there will be at least one Latin representative on the Houston Council, why isn’t there a District A, for Asians?
  • That the best person to represent a district may not be accepted because of their ethnicity, because they’re not a minority or the “right” kind of minority.
  • I do agree that city councils should be an accurate representative of the cities that they serve, but to focus only on skin pigmentation, rather than suitability, defeats the purpose of a city council.
  • What business is it of the DOJ to create ethnic pockets, saying that this is the best way to have a more representative city council? The best way? What message does that send…the only way we can have minorities on a city council is to fix the election process?

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