My Thursday 4th Graders

On Thursdays, I teach four 4th grade classes, this is probably my favorite teaching day of the school week. I teach 4-5, 4-4, 4-3, and 4-2. They’re the most active and unafraid to talk, especially in a foreign tongue. Unfortunately, I probably will never know their names, Korean or English, but I’ll remember their antics for years.

So there’s this boy in my 4-4 class that cracks me up, because I can relate to him. He’s the shy, quiet, smart kid, who is madly in love with books, practically every class, his desk is crammed full of books, his cubby hole is bursting full of books, there’s usually books underneath his desk, he’s usually sitting on about five or so books, and the extra books are all reading books.

A Boy After My Own Heart

A Boy After My Own Heart

Thursdays are also Scouts meeting days, so all my Scouts and Science Guides (none of the Science Guides were wearing their uniforms today) come to school dressed in their uniforms. I walked past one of my classes and one of the Scouts looked adorable, although that’s probably not the word that he would like to hear.

Scout Thursday

Scout Thursday

And in my 4-3 class, super kong-jiis the RAGE…this is my only class where practically every student is playing with them every second that they can in between classes. And they will get mad if you make a mistake about the time, which is easy to do in their classroom because their clock is 6 or 7 minutes fast, because that deprives them of super kong-ji time. Kong-ji, by the way is like jacks but with five, little plastic balls, but the rules are the same.

Super kong-ji

Super kong-ji


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