IMAX problems

So I was reading the other day about a controversy about the new IMAX screens started by Aziz Ansari of the TV show, Parks and Recreation.  So apparently the story is that Ansari went to an AMC theater to watch the new Star Trek movie because it advertised it had IMAX showings. When he got entered the theater, he discovered that the movie was being shown on a traditional movie screen and not the normal IMAX screen. He wrote about his experience (and his anger) on his website, saying that the “fake” IMAX screens are a rip off, he paid $5 more for his ticket. He’s challenge the president/CEO of IMAX, AMC, or Regal Theaters to debate him about the differences between the IMAX screens, and as yet, none of the representatives have answered his challenge.

And I have to say that I agree with him. There is a major difference between a traditional IMAX screen and traditional movie screen. To pay an extra $5 for a misadvertised movie and not be able to get a refund because you did actually see the movie you paid for, just not the exact size that you expected, is wrong. Especially in times like this, $5 is lunch, several used book, almost one new book, a shirt, etc.

AMC and Regal Theaters apparently wanted to designate the new screens as IMAX Digital screens, but IMAX balked because it didn’t want the movie-going audience to think that the traditional IMAX screens were obsolete. But instead they have a good number of angry customers and negative articles in trade magazines.

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