Funny Politics

NOTE: If you are a die-hard Democrat, very Liberal, not pro-Christianity (especially Catholic), etc. you probably will not want to read the rest of this blog entry…

A couple of months ago, my friend’s boyfriend sent a link from this unknown comedian (at least to me) that had this hilarious, thought-provoking comdey sketch about F.O.C.A. His name is Steven Crowder.

He’s a young Catholic comedian from Michigan, who’s part American and part Quebeqois. His video blogs are a mixture of comedy, politics, opinions, acting, and impersonations. He touches on topics like abortion, racism, Nancy Pelosi, Prez Hilton, etc. Everything is from the conservative, Judeo-Christian perspective.


4 responses to “Funny Politics

  1. Ay. I visited his channel and he has the Nancy Peloski video up… I couldn’t watch. I think his impersonation of her is terrifying. It’s going to give me nightmares.

    Plus, it’s way too easy (and too popular) in our society (or societies) to pick on unattractive people because they’re unattractive. I would have liked it better if he left that bit out.

  2. Yeah, I like his other ones like the ACLU, The Official Obama the Song much better. He has much better impersonations of other people.

  3. I think I have seen this somewhere, maybe w/ Laura.

    • baikeunsook

      Mike Ambro had a link on facebook and then I realized that Steven Crowder had even more videos and then he signed with PJTV and I discovered ZoNation, etc. Good stuff. 😀

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