From the Mouths of Babes

Children can say some of the most interesting and strangest things, some of my favorites:

“Teacher, Teacher! You father U.S.A.?”
“No, my father’s Korean.”
“You mother U.S.A.?”
“No, my mother’s Korean.”
“One minute teacher.” Group conference.
“Teacher, your father American?”
“No, my father’s Korean.”
“Teacher, your mother American?”
“No, my mother’s Korean.” Another group conference.
“No, no teacher. Not possible.”
The students ask me the same questions in Korean.
“Yes, both my parents are Korean.
“Why is that not possible?”
“You are 50 Korean. Not 100.”
A student gestures straight body form and says, “Korean.” and then gestures big hips and says, “You.”
“Teacher, teacher, what’s this?” points to butt.
The student makes a vertical line in the air, “Korean butt.”
The student makes a rounded shape in the air, “You butt.”
“You are 50 Korean.”

The other day I was wearing a dress and I had to stretch to fit everything on the blackboard. I hear someone’s camera phone go off and then giggling. And then I heard a couple of more flashes. I turn around and one of my fourth grade boys was taking a picture of my butt.

In my English classes, I like them to look at a picture from the dialogue and have them guess what will happen or what one student will say. One student mumbled something that sounded like, ‘that is where children go  to die.’ Apparently he meant to say: “That’s  a good idea.”


One response to “From the Mouths of Babes

  1. They do seem fascinated by your body type… or at least a certain area of your body.

    Your kids sound hilarious (and like they love you). =D

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