Desperately Searching for Coraline

Animated movies are huge in Korea, amongst all demographics, male/female, children/teenagers/adults, etc.  The movies are usually showed in their original language.

That was not the case for Coraline.

There were about 10 theaters in ALL of Seoul were playing Coraline and only about four of them were playing Coralinein English, the rest were dubbed in Korean. Some theaters were only playing the movie for two days. So after some searching, with the help of my co-teacher, Minhui, I was able to find so tickets for an English showing and buy them on-line.

My friend, Erin, and I went to the theater this afternoon and I followed the directions for the ticket machine, entered my id number, and I was told that there wasn’t any ticket reservation with my id number. So we went to the ticket desk, after the changing of the ticket sellers, a cutting person, we were able to talk to someone and the person wasn’t able to find my reservation, even with the reservation number. We were referred to another ticket desk in another building. After some questions about my reservation, the manager asked if there was a reservation number, which he found and after they typed it in, they printed out our tickets.

I’ve already seen Coraline in the States with a friend from Peace Corps. But it’s so good that I was more than willing to see it a second time. Neil Gaiman is a genius. We saw it in 3-D (like I did in the States). One of the beautiful things about Coraline is that it’s a 3-D that doesn’t feel need to advertise that it’s a 3-D movie every other minute. Except for the Korean subtitles and the occasional blur, you could forget about the 3-D glasses (or at least I did) because the story was great, the graphics were amazing, and the music went well with the movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should rent/buy it when it comes out on DVD.

One response to “Desperately Searching for Coraline

  1. I saw Coraline in the states also. It was so good. =] I’m glad it’s in Korea, but I can see kids being scared of those small metal doors in the subways after watching that movie. (I was one of those kids with a runaway imagination.)

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