Singa Elementary School

So I realized that I’ve never really described my school. I work at Singa Elementary (신가초등학교) in Song-pa district, the second wealthiest area in Korea. My school has first through sixth graders and about 2,000 students.

This semester, I’m teaching the fourth and sixth graders once a week and I have a special extracurricular class for about fourteen sixth grade students, which we’re working on newspapers and reading skills. And I also teach two different groups of teachers one hour a week.

Next semester, I will  teach the third and fifth graders once a week and I will continue to have my extracurricular class with the sixth graders and teach the two groups of teachers.

Most of the teachers have been here a while, but there are a few first year teachers. The entire English department is in their the first year teaching at Singa.

My students range from children, who could pass as American children and speak better English than me,  to those who are still learning the alphabet. Most of the students are pretty active and good, but there are one or two students that seem to be always in trouble and/or fighting…


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