What the Weather Is Going On Here?

I tell time by the weather. Even when I live in other places outside of Texas. It’s a little harder, but I still can do it.

In my little world, temperatures 10C or 55F or lower is winter, 10-20C or 55-70F is fall, 20-30C or 70-80 is spring, 30-40c or 80-95F is early summer, and 40C+ or 95F+ is late summer. Which I get laughed at by everyone who’s used to colder climates, especially those from north of the Mason-Dixon, especially from Massachusetts and New York. They also call me weird when I say that 90F is nice sit outside at a cafe weather.

However, since I’ve returned to Korea, the winter has been prolonged, to say the least. I don’t really remember March or April, and not just because I was busy trying to get settled at Singa Elementary, although that did help. But because it was so cold that I was waiting for spring to come, that those months felt like a really long February to me. At the Lotus Lantern Festival in late April, I was still wearing my winter coat…late APRIL, I should be wearing a dress, skirt, short sleeves, etc. And now it’s May, MAY, I feel like I’ve lost two months of my life.

This past weekend, I was wearing a light sweater, jeans and boots because I was cold and it was threateningto rain. And the rest of the week it’s forecasted to be raining like it was monsoon season?!?! Will someone wake me up when the weather’s normal again?


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