I double dog dare Apple

So I’ve just been informed by Apple, that I have been illegally legally downloading music from iTunes. So to clarify, the legally part comes from me using my legally obtained credit card to purchase said music, and I do pay off my credit card in full every month. The illegally part is the fact that I downloaded iTunes in American English, so I have to be physically in the United States of America to legally download music of iTunes.

iTunes has said that they reserve the right to use technology to find out exactly where the users are and if they are illegally using iTunes, Apple can cancel your account. So basically, Apple is encouraging people to illegally download music.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I buy my CDs in the store or at the show, except when I’m living abroad. I try to be as law abiding as possible. However, I’m going to continue to buy music off of iTunes and if Apple would like to cancel my account I have several things to tell them about this new policy, especially since I’m an expat and it’s really hard to get American CDs at a “normal” price at the local  CD stores and/or the wait time is ridiculous to get a single CD. And I’m getting the music legally.


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