Teacher’s Day

Today in  Korea (2009.05.15) it’s Teacher’s (Appreciation) Day. I know that there’s Teacher’s Appreciation Day in the States, but it’s definitely not celebrated like it is here.
 Flowers from my students on Teacher's Day
Flowers from my students on Teacher’s Day

The students (and obviously their parents) go all out to show their favorite teachers how much they enjoy their class, love their teachers, etc. It started this morning, with the students coming into our office with cards, origami flowers, flower bouquets, etc.

It’s only 10:43am (two hours into the workday) and I already have two origami flowers, two bouquets,  single rose, and several cards.

One of the music teachers that I share the office with wanted to make sure that I knew that I was liked by the other teachers in the office, so she gave me one of her flower bouquets, the prettiest one.

"very prettiest flowers."

"very prettiest flowers."

And one a side note, I’m really happy that my 5th grade co-teacher got some things, so that way she can’t be to upset or jealous about anyone else getting gifts from the students and that some of the students consider her to be their favorite teacher.

And the sight of today, made me remember an ancedote that one of my old roommates, who lived in Japan for ten years, during the bubble economy, told about being given a bottle of Dom Perignon for Teacher’s Day. Because when I think of ways to show a teacher how much I appreciate them, I immediately think of giving them some Dom Perignon.

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