So the F in the title of my blog could also stand for FOOD. Everyone that knows me knows that I really do love food. Everything that goes into making the dish, the quality of the ingredients, the combination of ingredients, the way they’re prepared, and of course, the way the final product tastes.

With the exception of Morocco, every country that I’ve visited/traveled to/lived in hasn’t had cilantro. I miss being able to cook with cilantro and the taste that it adds to dishes. Mexican food, Moroccan food, Vietnamense food, vinagerettes, etc. don’t taste the same without cilantro. But there are times that I want good food so bad, that I’ve paid a ridiculous price for a tiny bunch of cilantro, probably about the equivalent of $6-7 USD. Which is pretty much highway rivalry in my book. I’m a Texan by residency (and attitude) so I’m used to buying a huge bunch of fresh, farm grown cilantro for about $1 USD, maybe even $1.50 USD.

The last time I was in the States, I looked around for some kind of cilantro that I could bring with me to Korea. And sure enough I was able to find this freeze-dried cilantro flakes. I haven’t used them to cook with yet, not because of the lack of opportunity, but more because they’re freeze dried and it’s a really, really package.

And this is probably one of the reasons why I’m somewhat obsessed with Tomatillo, in addition to the amazing fresh, hand-rolled tortillas and chips, they  use lots of cilantro to make the most amazing Tex-Mex in Korea. (although they call it Cali-Tex). Regardless, it’s delicious!


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