Hello world!

So after some thinking, heeming and hawing…I decided that it probably would be a good idea to start up a blog on a site not related to Facebook or MySpace. It’s not that I have anything bad to say about the people I know on Facebook or MySpace, but it’s nice to just have some distance.

In case you haven’t read the bio…

I was born in Song-tan, a small village known for garlic and not much else, in the Kyunggi province in the Republic of Korea. I went to the States right before I would have started school in Korea. I lived around different parts of the States, but mostly in the South and mostly in Texas.

In high school and uni, I was the girl with the plan and my life’s direction was completely mapped out. And now, I’ve been the traveling gypsy of sorts…Morocco, (a teeny, tiny part of) Spain (within Moroccan borders), Ireland, England, Scotland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary,  Korea, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more to come.

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